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Living with Trout: A Lifelong Adventure

by Reg Baird

"... The shiver that vibrated through my whole body was not from the 38 deg water. It could have been excitement, but i'm inclined to think it was the exorcism of the last grains of Halfordism..." - Reg Baird

The following is part of a review of the book by Mark Hamilton in the August 2007 issue of Eastern Woods & Waters magazine:

A master angler, and one of some gravity, pointed Reg Baird out to me with the statement "what Reg Baird doesn't know about trout isn't worth knowing." Reg has kindly put some of it into this new book.  Reg's knowledge is based on a lifetime of journals and records, which he compares to published books. The writing is light and friendly, stepping into science, literature, humour, and poetry, but always keeping the down-home voice of the author intact. Reg is the kind of old-school woodsman and conservationist who shows that being part of the cycle of living things means caring about them, and he is heartened to see the new generation of angling conservationist. This is where the future lies, according to Reg. Thanks to this book, much has been added to that future.   -  Mark Hamilton

This book should be in every angler's library. Get your copy now. You can contact Reg and order one by using the form on the bottom right of this page. The price is just $19.95 which includes shipping anywhere in the USA and Canada
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